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27th August 2005

stevfaithless1:45pm: The Florida Trip is no longer available to view on the website.

however, if you'd like to order a copy please email faithlessfilms@gmail.com

sorry to anyone who hadn't seen it yet and wanted to.. but we needed the server space.

the pages are still there, but don't let that throw you off, it's really not on the servers anymore at all...
we'll remove the pages when we get time. right now we're really busy with other projects.

14th July 2005

stevfaithless12:08pm: FAITHLESS FILMS and P2 Promotions recently collaborated to create a promotional video for CAUTION INC.

this is a video to promote their up-coming re-release of "CAUTION INC. (EP)" which will hit the street this fall...

this video is not yet on the faithless films site, however it will be available on caution inc's site later today.


plans are still underway for a caution inc music video, to be released around the same time as their album. keep checking back for details.

6th July 2005

stevfaithless4:08pm: It has been some time since an update to the site. for that i apologize.

we're still working on some new idea's and re-working some old ones.

we're working on developing some new screen plays for feature length AND short films.
as many of you know not every screen play makes it to the screen, it's actually about 1 in 10 for us. but hopefully we'll be able to shoot something soon, because we're all going a little stir crazy.

we've developed a few new logo treatments. they'll be available for everyone to view sometime soon.

a trailer for the "completely shwa" web series has also been completed, however the series probably will NOT be happening. we might release the trailer for portfolio purposes anyways, so that could be on the site at some point in the coming weeks.

Oshawa's CAUTION INC, are now working in a development and promotion situation with one of our affiliate companys P2 Promotions (formerly faithless development). so if all goes well on that front we'll be most likely doing a music video for caution inc. details on that will be released as they're available...

Concerning the equipment problems...
Our "A" camera is STILL on the fritz, and we're looking into options for repair, and/or replacement.

in the mean time we're looking for a new "B" camera. If anyone has a MINIDV camera for sale contact Stev@theshwa.com -we're willing to pay up to $400 (depending on condition, model, make, and age)

the deal we had been working on to replace our "C" camera seems to have fallen through... so we're also willing to purchace a MiniDV, DIGITAL8, or HI-8 cam for between $100-$400 (depending on format, condition, make, model, age ect.)

if anyone is interested in selling please contact stev@theshwa.com asap.

if we don't have any luck buying a second hand camera we'll have to replace them with new ones which will cost MUCH more, so it may have to wait for the time being....

rest assured, FAITHLESS FILMS is still alive and kicking, and we'll have some awesome new releases soon!!

21st April 2005

stevfaithless2:39pm: The Return of the G5
Well it's been a few weeks, but we've finally got the G5 back! and it's working perfectly.
and what's even better? ALL of the files are intact! we didn't lose ANYTHING!

so, i'll restate the fact that Macs are AMAZING machines and FAR superior to PC's in every way...

the zr-90 is still broken though.. we're hoping to get that fixed really soon. it's apparently a Processor problem which could cost between $50 and $400 to get fixed.. *crosses fingers for $50*

that's all.

20th March 2005

stevfaithless3:50pm: DISASTER
a nearly unprecidented streak of bad luck has hit FaithlessFILMS.
in the same week:
Our G5 is un-operational due to what we can only describe as the computer equivilant of a seizure.
our main camera (the ZR-90) is broken! and we have no idea how.
and we're all out of printed dvd's with orders pending.

everyone hang on, we'll be back on our feet before you know it.

how ironic is it that the only system that's still working is the one that we've purchaced 2 other computers to replace, and the only camera's that are still working are the old ones and borrowed ones.

4th March 2005

stevfaithless12:46pm: The Florida Trip Directors Cut DVD
was finished last night at about 11:45pm.
This morning the finishing touches were added and the DVD menu's were programmed.
at this moment the Test DVD is being encoded and when that's done and all tested the rest of the copies will be pressed. For those who pre-ordered your DVD's will be shipped out at on Monday the 6th.
For those who want to order now please email faithlessfilms@gmail.com
the first 10 orders will recieve a copy of The Deadening Time II: Dead O'clock on dvd as well. the first 5 orders will also recieve the official soundtrack on CD with their order.
it's only $10.99 for 2 DVD's AND a CD!

21st February 2005

stevfaithless10:02am: ---------------------
It doesn't look like the FLORIDA TRIP [directors cut] DVD will be finished today as we had previously planned. It's taken a little longer than we thought it would to completely re-cut the entire film. we had hoped to have it released by today as it's the one year anniversary of the day we left for Florida.
We're now planning on having it done by the one year anniversary of the day we got BACK from Florida. So that'll give us an extra week or so.

here's what you can expect on the DVD:
-Lots of EXTRA footage that wasn't included in the web-release.
-6 Deleted scenes
-the Botched Gags featurette.
-All new scene transitions
-Entirely re-worked and re-vamped sountrack featuring songs from: I Hate Sally, Chuck Calibre, Exact Match, Another Blue Door, and more great independent artists.
-a new score composed by S.Rothney
-Exclusive Music Video(s)
-still gallerys
-production notes
-and more!

DVD now available!
new title sequences, end credits, and a slightly enhanced playback!
Check the online store link for more information or to place an order.

17th February 2005

stevfaithless7:06pm: !!!SPECIAL OFFER!!!

to pre-order send an email to: faithlessfilms@gmail.com

11th February 2005

stevfaithless5:03pm: Welcome to the Brand new Faithlessfilms.com!

there are some new things to check out; such as the new online store, the Download section, the promo packs and the all new theatre design!
and finally most of the bugs are worked out!

there are still some problems with plug-ins on mac computers and some XP computers. We're trying to get everything all worked out so that everything will work perfectly on all OS's and with all Browsers.

We've also got some ideas brewing for some new short films. And we're continuing to work on our current projects.

We're hoping that the Florida Trip [Directors Cut] DVD will be done in time for the 1 year anniversary of the trip (between Feb 21-28).

that's all for now,
Check Back frequently as there'll be updates to the site A LOT more often

10th February 2005

stevfaithless8:57am: PREVIOUS NEWS ITEMS
The Florida Trip DVD!:
An ALL NEW 'directors' cut of The Florida trip will soon be available on DVD! We're currently designing the layout of the dvd and we'll be re-cutting the entire film over the next couple of weeks. We're Scheduling the release date of the DVD for February 21st 2005.

On the release date the DVD be available to purchase online for $10.99 via Paypal.

PRE-ORDER NOW! and get free shipping!
send an email to Faithlessfilms@gmail.com for pre-ordering instructions.
Completely Shwa:
a new web series coming this spring, featuring all kinds of fun in the Shwa, totally haggard people and situations, live performances from local bands, interviews, gags and more!


Faithless Films picks up Monotony:
Faithless films has just secured the rights to a short film called monotony. We've started pre-production on it, and we're currently storyboarding. So far we haven't planned a date for principle photography. Some promotional materials are already available. the website, and a promo poster. Web: www.theshwa.com/monotony poster:.gif (688 kb)

-Monotony UPDATE: Screenplay revisions and editing are well underway. Casting should be beginning pretty soon.


THE FLORIDA TRIP is finally done!:
It's been a long time in the making, and had more than it's fair share of problems, but the Florida Trip (a road trip Documentary) is DONE! we're still working on the HTM-DV. But the official release will definitely be sometime this month. But the pre-release starts right now!
The Florida Trip will be shown on Screen A, premiering tonight!


What Faithless Films is all about:
We develop, write, produce, show, host, edit, design, and otherwise create films of all kinds. We also do anything we can to help other independent film makers.


We're currently accepting submissions from film makers in Ontario for their work to be hosted and displayed on this site. -Click here for more info
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